3 Major Mistakes in the fight with extra kilos

3 Major Mistakes in the fight with extra kilos

3 fundamental mistakes you make

Do you know when is the best time to start loosing weight?

The best moment to lose weight and make your habits ... is yesterday.

The second best moment is NOW.

But what do you do when you scare only the thought of all the effort you have to make?

You want to lose weight, you want a more beautiful body, you want to get smaller clothes.

Do you want to amaze yourself in the eyes of others about how beautiful you have thinned and want to feel that self-satisfaction that your life has taken another turn 🙂

It's easy to want, it's easy to design in the future, it's easy to rely on the thought that someday you're sure you check it out.

Just, not in this second. Now you have to wait a little. In its present form, with the current dissatisfaction. It's a condition you're used to anyway.

You know why I'm asking?

A year ago were things the same? But 2 years ago? How long does this chronic postponement and repeated attempts to reach and keep you at a level that satisfies you?

Where are you wrong? Why does not he get out of you?

Why do the months and years pass, and you still have the "I will do" projection?

Do you want to make a top three mistakes you do without knowing when it comes to weakening?

It's not a "weakening" technique, though, at the "Why do not the diets" event, we talked about the reasons why diets have short legs and you always come back from where you left.

3rd place is IDEALISM

Yes, idealism.

That "when I get to work, I will do all my best" or the famous "start tomorrow, that today I have a good meal anyway."

You want to make these changes, but you want to do it all at once and do it well. You want to make no mistake, you want to be another man, you want to have another force. You want to stop it.

But as soon as you make a mistake, you leave your guard down again, disappointed (you think, but it's not like that), turning back to your old identity and watching the next moment when you feel you can take it from the end, ideally . Does it sound familiar?

The solution to get rid of idealism is to grasp the dictum: Progression, not perfection.

It is the most important thing we apply in the SlimLab, which has led over 1,000 people to the desired destination. From close to closer.

Progress, not perfection.

Guaranteed you will be wrong.

Guaranteed you'll walk next to.

Guaranteed you will have bad days.

The difference between success and abandonment makes it quick and resolute with which you rise and take the road. Without waiting for another ideal time to do things "as to the book". At these times, the support really matters.

Improve everything that can be done every day, and your strength and will grow from day to day, just from this unbeatable attitude: progress, not perfection.

Idealism holds hand in hand with the second-place mistake of our top: AWARD

The celebrations "start on Monday", "start at 1", "start after leave".

Begin AFTER.

In your mind, you start "after", because surely "after" you make a personality transplant and you will have another will and you will do all the good. I mean, you went back to idealism ...

You are human! Work with your human side, not your "robotic" side, because it does not exist.

The secret to getting out of postponement is to accept (yes, to accept) that your tomorrow's day will be fixed like your day today!

If today you do nothing for yourself, guaranteed tomorrow you will not do

And if you do not believe me, recite the third-place mistake. When you are wrong, abandon and snooze again.

When you cease to ask for perfection and "thank you" to do all you can today, not tomorrow ... there is only personal growth going on.

Because when you act now, you prove that you take responsibility for yourself. Fix the way you are.

Have you heard of the phrase "I can so much, do I do"?

When you apply this dictum in your life today, you will start to grow more and more. Because one thing attracts another ... and another.

Progress is making progress.

Action draws action.

Postponement is delaying.

Act today. Imperfect, but today.

A salad with meat instead of bread with bread.

A walk around the block instead of the sofa and TV.

A cup of water instead of a cup of juice.

And if you have the feeling that it is too little and such an approach does not bring results ... give yourself a week to act today, to make progress today, not perfection, and you will see a surprising difference. In your attitude, in your strength, in your decision, in the results that are already starting to tickle.

And if I've talked about the one-week term, I'll show you the gold medal of the top mistakes you make without knowing when you want to lose weight.

The number one mistake is PRACTICAL FREQUENCY.

The number one mistake is that you hunt the top of the mountain, not the next step you have to do.

You look at how long and demanding the trip is to the desired silhouette, and it hits your hat and overwhelms you.

You think only of destination, instead of thinking about what is palpable and achievable for you in the immediate future.

The force does not come from the idealism of your final destination.

The force comes from the concrete, from the success of a very short period of mobilization and non-ideal execution.

Where do you knock with that?

Choose your target next week. Today in 7 days!

Where do you want to be today in 7 days, as behavior and evolution in weakness?

And not just that.

What you have to do is be about behavior, not results.

I want today, for seven days, to do ... this, this and that. And if you stop, it does not matter, ignore, get up straight away and continue!

Earn 1 week of well-changed behavior for the better and things will come to fruition on their own.

What next after this week?

A new target, seven days. Still neideal. Still unmoved. But ... .We!

The mistakes you make are thinking.

Wrong thinking leads to the wrong execution. And the wrong execution keeps the current state you want to get rid of.

Changing thinking, you change your life.

Change your behavior for 7 days. Be a non-human. Be a man who is no longer postponing. Be a man doing everything he can today and he does not have the word tomorrow.

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