How the alcohol influence your body goal

How the alcohol influence your body goal

What is alcohol?

Ethyl alcohol, the one we encounter in consumable beverages, is an organic and inorganic solvent. From the point of view of your body, it is the most powerful solvent in your body, the second being water.

What this means?

It means that it is a highly reactive substance with a positive role when the concentration in the body is the natural one (the role of fluidizing blood, degreasing circulating vessels, increasing the solvent capacity of water, many).

But when we come from outside with the intake of alcohol, well, things change a little.

"But I drink only rarely alcohol on occasions."

By returning, alcohol, strong solvent that is it, dissolves or interacts anyway with everything he gets, having a particular affinity for fat.

When you leave fingerprints on the monitor or when the windows are dirty, what do you delete? With alcohol. As I said, solvent and excellent degreasing.

The problem arises when you realize that the cell membranes in your body have a lipo-protein structure. And the brain is by definition a fatty tissue. That's why there's that saying, "Alcohol is just for people who let themselves lose some neurons."

With which cell membranes come into contact, depending on the quantity, the alcohol interacts chemically and dissolves or destabilizes, thus affecting the cell.

Good luck that we are constantly regenerating and not feeling. And the intestinal walls regenerate the most poisonous of all organs. Every 3 days.

Why do you think you're burning like that on your oesophagus when you pull a healthy gut of guts from the Gentiles? It cleanses the cells on the oesophagus and on the whole intestinal tract that has been touched by alcohol. Here's the burning sensation.

The problem is that for your body, any amount of alcohol above the limit of internal balance becomes zero-priority. It is normal. How would there be a substance to "erase" you from existence?

Where do you find that alcohol, having a very small molecule, absorbs and gets instantly into the body through the mucosa, starting with the mouth, continuing with the esophagus, then 20% absorbs directly from the stomach, and the rest very quickly in the intestines.

He gets back in the body and walks around ... and walks around until he gets metabolized by the liver.

And where he walks, he destabilises cell membranes with which he can react.

Therefore, as soon as the body is alert to the body, it becomes alert, and its metabolism becomes the main internal concern.

The liver is the scapegoat. He must repair broken pots.

The valiant alcohol, which makes your body completely round every 8 minutes, spends most of the time in the brain, reaches the liver, where it is metabolised at a rate of 7-15 g / h until the internal balance is restored.

Except that this metabolism means converting alcohol first into acetaldehyde. A very toxic substance, whose accumulation in your body you know as hangover or "aoleum, mother, I do not drink anymore." And in the end, after other stages, including the famous "muscular fever after drunkenness", the body is eliminated as CO2 and H2O.

 As the hours pass and the alcohol is flowing through the liver, and acetaldehyde still gathers, it also decreases the metabolism of alcohol, plus it potentiates the fatty loading of liver cells. Liver congestion, which is a self-defense reaction, in fact.

Alcohol reached the brain blocks neurotransmitters and interferes with neuronal communication. Among the immediate effects is the braking of the production of an antidiuretic hormone, which regulates, among other things, how much water reabsorbs in the body at the kidney level and how much it is left for disposal.

Without the brakes, the kidneys declare "the day of the open doors", and you start to visit the bathroom in a joy, you saw the tail in the bathroom in the club 😂

"Look, the alcohol moisturises you, proof how long you go to the bathroom."

The alcohol dehydrates you, proof how many minerals, electrolytes, nutrients and water are lost in vain, because the kidney reabsorption function of the water is not controlled well.

Where else, intestinal absorption blocks the absorption of calcium, iron, other major nutrients, and a large amount of B is consumed. So just fine.

Let's get there and weaken it, because if the kidneys and the liver do not impress you, your alcohol-consuming belly thinks you are not indifferent.

That's why one of the primary ways to break down the belly is to alkaline the diet and the body, so that by the anti-inflammatory effect produced, the body would let go of the fats playing as a buffer role.

I did not know the calories, because they are anyway the cherry on the cake, the alcohol coming with 7kcal per gram of pure alcohol. If you like math, you can find out how many calories you get from a beer, a glass of wine, etc. Anyway, more than a chocolate.

I've only been able to touch a few of the ways in which alcohol comes in and you make bits in your body, but I did not answer the question above.

"But I drink alcohol only very rarely, on occasions."

But…. meat potatoes that you think generates? But the cheese and polenta? But any food combination that does not digest well and produces fermentation?

Whatever produces bloating or fermentation, produces ... alcoholic fermentation.

So we're going back to the top story, with the extra alcohol metabolism, the intestinal inflammation and the potency of the fatty abdominal fat, the heavily loaded liver, and let's stop here, you get the idea.

The solution?

Simple nourishment, as little as food combined at mealtimes, divine mastication, and generally all those simple, unpretentious things we learn in SlimLab.

Step by step!

Improving and correcting lifestyle is step by step.

Join us!

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