Angry Colon?

Angry Colon?

And the health and well-functioning of your colon influences absolutely every organ and every physiological process in your body.

If you have a constipation problem, then I'm happy to help you with this article. I have worked with laxative addicts and lazy colon for more than 9 years, who have fully recast their "good work". Without underestimating or disregarding, situations like "come out every 3-4 days" are the easiest. If they could, you can clearly too!

No marvelous teas without cereals, no dusts in the boxes.

The solution to constipation is not and will never be with you, but with your body.

This is one of the most important things you want to understand: whatever the problem, the solution is to your body, not to you.

You just have to take on a role of "hopeful help". If you give your body what you need and let it do its job, it will self-adjust, because it is guided by the instinct of survival. Your body just wants to heal all the time, to fix it all the time so that you can be strong and propagate the species further. It's the Nature Law.

Returning to constipation, there are 3 things you have to correct, which you have to offer to your body, as a hopeful help you are:

1. Water

I talked about the water, and if you missed that article, I encourage you to read it and especially to practice it.

If you are dehydrated, your body will recycle water in your body as long as it can, for every cellular process is dependent on water. And the colon will not have enough water to function harmoniously.

How do you want to draw water to the toilet without water?

2. Fiber

Or, more understandable: raw material.

THE FIBERS ARE ONLY IN VEGETABLE PRODUCTS! The fibers are the skeleton of the plants, as I was saying in a previous article.

And your intestines and your colon love SOLUBILE fibers. If you want a healthy, healthy colon and give it a job, give it a lot of soluble fiber a day.

Where do you get them?

From Mother Nature: from fruits, from vegetables.

Not from the flesh, not from the bacon, not from the good boletus.

And yes, in every article I encourage you to substantially increase your vegan diet.

And so far, we've already offered you solutions for both breakfast and dinner.

Dive into fruits, juices, lots of salads, everything in your land, because your body recognizes and can really use it.

Solution is always in Simplicity!

Leave the cereals, leave the psyllium and other much praised products. Return to fruits and vegetables, as high as possible!

3. Movement

Nothing moves in motion without moving!

"Motion Moves Lymph" and will be one of the most valuable advices I offer you.

Reverting, the natural motion of the colon, or your peristalsis, is directly influenced by abdominal muscles. And abdominal muscles are directly influenced by sports.

Do I need to add something? It's simple, it's obvious.

Come on, do your courage and make a move every day. So let go of the blasts and burn more calories in your sleep.

Do you know why I like nutrition and why do I love working with people? Because they always have the impression that things have to be complicated to be effective. And in the end, I always remain perplexed, perplexed and happy, just how simple things are.

Do you know how best to hide a key? You put it in the middle of the table, and then you'll look through the whole house to laugh.

That's the way it is with food, so it's with weakness, so it's with constipation.

Your brain searches for complicated solutions (looks for the key throughout the house) and the solution is in the middle of the table.

The key in the middle of the table is Simplicity.

Your body loves water and morning fruits, loves salads and vegetable juices, loves the movement that regulates everything in it. Oh yes, and your colon also.

Burn calories while sleeping! How?

Burn calories while sleeping! How?




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