Burn calories while sleeping! How?

Burn calories while sleeping! How?

But is it really a dream or a reality?😳

If some people eat anything and do not put a gram on them, what are they more special than you? Are they younger and have more metabolism? Is it family? Irrelevant!😊

If they can, surely you can. Your body can!👍

But, you have to go to another level. You have to work with him and teach his secrets to increase your burning. Do you know the best news? You control the speed with which your cells burn fuel and fats. You hold your hand on the tap and you can make firings louder or slower.

How do you do that?

To begin with, I'm telling you that the slower burning is done by starvation.

If you want to lose weight and refrain from eating, you only make the tap slower, slow down slowly and slow down the metabolism.

And when you feel the need to start eating again as a normal man, you can not do it anymore, because you feel that everything is being deposited. Is your situation known? Do you remember that frustration? If so, how do you get out of this trap? How do you lose weight, eat a lot of food, and especially burn more calories even while you sleep? How do you let go of the cock?

Are you ready for a short lesson of anatomy?

In each of your cells, there are some blasts (called mitochondria) that burn cell fuel to give you energy, the furnaces burn calories. And here's the first big secret: in each cell, you have a VARIABLE number of blast furnaces, between 200-2000 cups per cell that are turned on or off as needed, like the light from you in the house.

Logic is, the more bells you turn on, the more calories you burn and you lose weight. Because somehow you burn the calories with 200 bells turned on and you burn the calories with 2000 blasts turned on, right?

The first conclusion is simple. You want as many bells turned on as many cells to burn calories and get rid of the kilos that upset you every day.

I feel like you want to ask me, "Okay, and how do I go to 2000 cellular furnaces?"

Your logs stop and start depending on your energy needs.

Now if you sit from morning till night on a chair and all your sport is to get you up and down the car, what about what energy needs do you have? Not too big, is it? Because you do not consume much energy. Your body is very smart and knows how to start as many as necessary.

Then the logical step is to increase your energy needs and your body to say, "I can not cope, I need more energy!" And then it will let go of the blasts. At 2000 blast furnaces.

And when you have 2000 blasts turned on, you burn like a nuclear reactor all the calories. And the chocolate of yesterday afternoon and the pasta that your friends invited last night and those old love handles.

That's how you burn a lot of calories when you sleep…

But at the 2000 furnace you go through the sport.

Sport intensive for 3 weeks, 5 days a week, minimum 1 hour.

Just how much it takes your body to realize that what is happening is not an accident and that your need for more energy is serious.

Perhaps you do not like the idea, but this wise nature, which has designed you to be harmonious and efficient, has made your body a perfect machine that will never burn the alien gas. Work with your body and take the sport seriously, at least for those 3 weeks.

The real reason we are gaining weight...

The real reason we are gaining weight...

Angry Colon?

Angry Colon?


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