Emotional Eating  Diagnose and Solutions

Emotional Eating Diagnose and Solutions

All the planning, all the moment to do things right, all the "Ready, I'm Gotta Get Started" views are blown away by the moment you want to forget about everything in this world and you choose to do that by eating . Too bad that the moment when you eat, feel good, can not last forever.

Because as soon as you finish your pampering, you will inevitably blame, reprimand and self-deception.

And you have to delay what you know is good for you, so you better not think about it now. You've done it all. There is also tomorrow one day.

This vicious circle can last a lifetime. You always have the impression that tomorrow will be different, that after January 1 will be different, that until your day you will be different.

But how can it be something that you keep daily with the same behavior?

Do you know where you're wrong? You wait and even think that the day will come when you will have a will to get through any temptation, any emotion that pushes you to anesthetize yourself with food. That someday you will be suddenly prepared to solve them all and that nothing will derail you from your way.

Before you continue to criticize yourself for this behavior that you have been holding for years, for your lack of will, you have to understand one thing.

It is normal for your will to go into your head when you are stressed and it is normal to give in to temptations. It does not mean well. And this normal is correctable, it is resolvable.

You need to understand why these things happen to be able to solve them.

Behind emotional eating is the stress of any kind it may be. Nothing new here.

But emotional stress triggers in your body self-healing mechanisms. When you're stressed, your body does not know you're stressed because you've grown fat, because the job is demanding, or because the wolf is running through the woods.

For your body, stress is the trigger for automatic responses to survival mechanisms.

The sympathetic nervous system (part of your autonomous nervous system that works without being aware of it) is responsible for your behavior in stress, battle or run.

Will in times of stress is "overwritten", it is canceled. Because the will belongs to the Consciousness, it is the Central Nervous System. And your body does not allow you to compute and reason when you are in a "fight or run" situation.

Will I take it left or right when the wolf is running? Raising my knees up when I run or keep them down? Will I hit my right foot or left foot, which is more effective?

Any thought that is rational, conscious, is replaced by involuntary, faster reactions that increase the chances of survival.

Because in a crisis situation, there is no time to think, it's time to act, and act fast.

The fact that when you are stressed, your will goes to the water on Saturday, it's a normal behavior, and not yet your weakness, yet one thing to criticize for.

When you're stressed, when you're tired, your body takes control, trying to solve the situation.

The need for glucose increases, because in a stressful situation the body prepares to fight, run away, and your muscles need fast food.

And as your cells consume simple sugar and oxygen, guess what's going on in these situations. Sweets, processed foods, fast carbohydrates such as biscuits, chocolate and other dense foods.

Because your body has overwhelmed your will because of stress and tries to defend you, care for you, survive.

The problem, therefore, is not to give up, but to send out wrong signals to your body from the start, and to keep this vicious circle.

What can you do?

First of all, you can go to the source of stress. You can not eliminate all sources of stress, but I tell you the biggest source you can and must give up: self-criticism!

Why? Because it is the main reason why you eat, more than all the other reasons together.

You are self-criticized for everything you do because you are not perfect as you would and how you could, because you persist in an imperfect, disconcerting situation, and feel like you are like a man.

Is it surprising that your soul will want to "escape" your mouth, even temporarily? So you're anesthetized with food.

Do you know who is the greatest sabotor of any slimming cures? Self-criticism! Because she is stealing your day today and kneeling your will most of the time.

Food is a simple soul dressing for the emotional wounds you give yourself daily, from your habit. Because food triggers endorphins and pleasure in the body and makes the mind quiet.

And your soul wants the mind to be quiet, to have a place to breathe.

Whether you start a slimming cure, want to change something for yourself, dissolve self-criticism and turn it into self-understanding, patience, personal acceptance.

Yeah, you're gonna stop. Yeah, you're wrong. Yeah, it'll take you until you change. Yes, it will be tedious. Yes, you will have moments when you want to quit. So what? Insist, neither Rome was built one day!

If you want to succeed, then any critical thought must turn it into a thought of self-acceptance, of gentleness. Accept any mistake you make and just continue! Just keep going! No criticism!

Only then the stress that accompanies you daily will dissipate and make room for you .... peace.

Weightloss is a spiritual challenge, not a physical challenge. Behind you must remain self-criticism and impatience if you want self-satisfaction and success to be found in front of you.

Life without self-criticism is a life without emotionally eaten. Because where the wound no longer exists, there is no need for dressing.

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