Lymphatic  System Friend or Enemy?

Lymphatic System Friend or Enemy?

The lymphatic system is your sewer system.

If blood is the alkaline half of the alkaline-acid game in your body, lymph is the part dealing with acids, the "dirty stuff."

Somehow, the medical world, analyzes, medical advice, focuses on the quarter represented by blood 25% and ignores the lymph 75%.

When you do your analyzes, you make them into the blood. Do you know people who have the perfect analysis, and yet they do not feel well, are tired, have migraines, low immunity or other joy?😳

It is paradoxical that analyzes are always made only of that part of the human body, the blood that is forced by the survival of the body itself to self-balance and ignore that part 3 times larger, where all things are gathering.

The blood will "stay in the head" to bring its operating parameters as close as possible to the optimum. Only when you can not rebalance you begin to see yourself in the analysis, and then it means there are more disordered in the body than you see in that analysis.

Instead, lymph is the beating horse of your health. It is the system that takes them all, the place where the garbage is buried below, and then we wonder that it does not work well.

All discussions about weakness, energy, cold, dandruff should have as a central point the level of cleanliness or congestion (toxin loading) of your lymphatic system.

Why do they say that?

Kilograms, fatigue, affections, are caused by an overloaded house, in which you have only learned to bring new things, but you have not learned to throw away what is old.

Said and done. You decided to clean the house. How do you start, when you know just the buy side, did not anyone teach you that you're doing cleaner in a house?

The solution seems simple: no longer buy all the jewels in the world and more, you hire some housekeepers to get your house clean.

The rules are simple, but they are not easy.

There are some important things you need to know if you want to effectively clean your house and lymphatic system. Or even start somewhere.

One of the major differences between your blood (your kitchen) and your lymphatic system (channeling) is that your blood has its own pump that circulates it through the body: the heart. No matter what you sleep or run, that pump works and leads pope to 24 of 24 cells.

Limfa, however, does not have a circulating pump, no one moves on it ... so you. The movement moves the lymph, including also massage .

Tell me, can you clean a dust mat without shaking it (no, you do not have a vacuum cleaner). Can you remove the dust out of that rug without getting it healthy and shaking it with the flakes? Can not.

Fix the same thing happens to your body.

So the first and most elemental thing you have to do when you want to clean the sewer system is to start moving regularly, walking, running, swim, gym, bicycle whatever you want, but move , shake the dust cover. Because I told you above: if you do not move the lymph, it does not have a pump that moves it for you.

The two major difference is that, as I said in the past, blood is the alkaline half of our acid-base dual story. And linden has to deal with acids. Which acids?

There are two types of residue in your body:

digestive residues

metabolic residues

The digestive residues are what you eliminate in the morning and represent a minor part of the total residue you produce.

Thick, however, is the metabolic residue, that is, what eliminates your trillions of cells. And they eliminate everything in the lymph.

These residues are very acidic, somewhere around pH 3, ie over 4 steps on the pH scale, that is, over 10,000 times more acidic than your blood.

If I put a drop of acid on your skin, it burns you, right? Fix the same happens with these cellular debris. If these residues would come into contact with the walls of the cells, burn them would damage them.

The reason why your lymph, your sewer system, has a fat, lipid-like consistency to clothe these toxins and keep cells from being burned by acids.

Wherever you see inflammation in the body, there are unsweetened acids. CELLULITE!

Does it come to you to think that, to a large extent, the fat you are crooked in the mirror, is there to protect you from too many toxins you have not cleaned?

You care about how you look in the mirror, but your body cares about your long-term survival and well-being.

And if you have to turn to fat to dress the toxins you can not remove, bad luck for that Dolce & Gabanna dress that does not cover you anymore.

If you've lost a bit in these details, let's get you a little bit up on a cloudy sky and look at the whole picture: your sewer system fills in at least two directions: from your food and cellular debris

The more acid you eat, the more sedentary you are, the more you load the sewer system.

The more alkaline you eat, the more often you move faster, the faster you get rid of all the old stuff in the house and you have more breathing.

Oops ... did your light beating up? What about the health? What about the energy?

Your food, your silhouette, your energy, are the new course you are now practicing.

It's easy to understand what you have to do. It's easy to find out how you clean the sewer system, how to get rid of all the paintings in addition, how you renovate your home to shine the moon.

Did you know that in six months, over 60% of your body is completely new, whether you do something or not? Wow, do you realize what opportunity for you? From now on in 6 months, if you put your bone to work, what profound change in the good would happen?

Just, take the first step. And one more. And one more. No matter how old you are. We take it from scratch.❤️

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