The real reason we are gaining weight...

The real reason we are gaining weight...

In our case, the most important causes for chaotic eating and "hungry" living are stress and lack of organization, and they self-fuel each other.

Stress and lack of organization are like a two-way walk. You can start organizing and manage stress, or you can begin to manage stress and get organized.

The easiest thing to do with my experience and work with people is to start organizing, alleviate stress and solve chaotic eating.

Why? Because the organization is on paper, it's palpable, it's immediately applicable and with visible effects on stress.

While stress is in the head and its management is attitude, gratitude, it is "slippery" and not easy to handle.

So, let's start from organizing, because what's in your hand is not a lie.

Eating and chaotic living are just consequences of the fact that you are struggling, emotionally, to survive every day. Responsibilities, agility in everything you have to do and too little time for you to live. And then is it surprising that the remote control and meals are a blessing for the soul? After all, I'm a great anesthetic, you forget your stress.

If the main purpose of your body is the survival and perpetuation of the species, do you know the main purpose of your soul? Happiness NOW! It's a shame that many innocently confuse it with food.

If you can not manage your mental stress on your own, you can manage your organization. And the stress will gradually diminish as you start and manage to solve everything more efficiently, as you see that you can control the course of things, that you can handle yourself, not just the others.

But you have to start somewhere!!!

Do you know the biggest gift of the organization? TIME! Who is organizing, wins time for himself. And time can turn into happiness.

So the solution to sight, because we like it: AGENDA! Electronics or classics that you prefer. You, as a man overloaded daily, have to make light on your timetable.

And the questions you need to answer are:

- How do you want to take care of yourself? (not children, by yourself). Make a list of things you want to do for yourself, your silhouette, your soul, your health, and keep that list out of sight. After her she guides you.

- When do you find time for that? (free time is looking, she does not expect to plocon). When, when the service, the children, the other activities to be done, can you make time for yourself? Do not take the DO NOT know in your arms. Find answers and write it! Cut the TV, cut off other activities that are "in vain" and replace them with others, where you care only for yourself.

- WHAT do you have to do, buy, cook, in order to answer the question HOW?

I give you the example of myself and the people I work with, ranging from classical eight hours of work, night shifts, entrepreneurs who work 14 hours a day, mothers with 5 children, and so on.

Every weekend, I make my plan write what I have to do. Every week I answer the 3 questions above and my clients do the same.

I know when I make the market, when I go for a run (sometimes in the morning at 6, because it's the only free place), what I eat, when and how I work (and I get 14 hours a day).

My agenda for this week has been filled out since the weekend. That is how I was able to make a living, not just the doctrine.

That's why it takes maximum of a healthy diet. Because otherwise, where do you get the energy to do it all?

Energy is joy. And the right food is pure energy!

It sounds robotic, but this Swiss agenda has saved my time and the feeling of living for me.

If you do not anticipate things and do not put them in your program to get the goat and cabbage together, life will continue to take you up, and you will continue to live on goblins, to eat on grabs and to feel that you have no control over of your life. Clear source of unhappiness, am I right?

You say stop ,you decide to take the bull of horns and start putting things in order.

And you start with the agenda and the program that's been done before.

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