Wir laden Sie zu unserem Salon ein, der Ort, an dem die falten werden abgemildert, selbst eingefallene Wangen können wieder „aufgefüllt“ werden, das Gesicht oder der Handrücken wirkt jünger. Der Alterungsprozess in Verbindung mit anderen externen berufsbedingten Faktoren, wie Rauchen, Alkohol, Stress, Sonnenlicht usw., führt dazu, dass die Gesichtshaut und nicht nur sie große Mengen an Kollagen und elastischen Fasern verliert. 

How Color Therapy or Chromotherapy Can Heal Your Body

While for an artist the colour is the very means of expression and for a pedagogue a visual education system, for the naturopathic practitioner it represents both a diagnostic means and a remedy.

Chromotherapy is a technique of healing some diseases by using colours. It is based on the characteristic of the human cells o be influenced by electromagnetic waves such as white light and ultraviolet rays. When people suffer from a specific disorder, the electromagnetic field of the body is not balanced anymore, and chromotherapy can alleviate this effect.

All about  Microdermabrasion (Mechanical Peel). Peeling.

Mechanical Peeling is a cosmetic method used to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin to stimulate the function of the cells from deep layers. Most techniques do not dramatically alter the architecture of the skin, because it acts mainly at the epidermis level (the outer layer of the skin). Yet, there are more aggressive methods that can even modify the structure of the proteins in the skin.