Blood type and weight loss


We are not the same, so what is the difference ?

That take into account a person's blood group do not necessarily have the ultimate goal of weakening, but maintaining a well-being and, why not, of a normal weight. More than a diet, it should be a lifestyle, because it is based on the assumption that, depending on the composition of the blood, each person reacts differently to lectins, a protein class found in most foods.

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Based on this discovery, scientists have come to the conclusion that certain foods can cause inflammation, aggravate certain illnesses, generate a continuing state of fatigue, digestive disorders and obesity. Depending on the blood group, each person digests better or harder certain foods.

According to statistics by physician Peter J. D'Adamo, a native and expert on blood grouping, 8 out of 10 people who change their blood chemistry regimen report an improvement in overall health. In order to draw a conclusion on the effectiveness of this regimen, says the specialist, a few months should follow when the body has time to adjust itself.

The more symptoms that may be associated with inappropriate nutrition, especially gas disintegration or intolerance (diarrhoea, bloating, fatigue), the more strict the regime should be.

People with the blood group O


It is the type of primitive hunters and gatherers who have thrived because of a meat-based diet. Therefore, they need many proteins, limit as much as possible products that have wheat (carbohydrate) ingredients on the list ofingredients, to make sports constantly, with difficulty. The foods that help them lose weight are red meat, seafood, spinach, broccoli. At the same time, to avoid extra pounds, avoid beans, lentils, corn, wheat, cabbage, cauliflower.

People with blood group A

They appeared after those in group 0 and adapted to a rather agrarian lifestyle. So they are farmers, so they are recommended to reduce fats from food, rely more on fruit-based fruits, substantially reduce red meat (or eliminate it completely) and also reduce dairy. In terms of movement, ideal sports are the light ones, such as yoga or golf. If they want to lose weight, they should eat mainly vegetable and vegetable oils, soybeans, pineapples and avoid dairy, meat, beans, wheat.


People with blood group B

They have nomadic ancestors, with a lifestyle determined by climatic conditions and associated with a strong immune system, respectively with a digestion that does not raise too many problems. Their diet should be rich in red meat, fish, seafood and dairy products. Avoid chicken because it produces a very strong toxic reaction in combination with their blood. If they want to lose weight, they need to consume eggs, liver, game meat, greens, liquor, green tea and avoid wheat, buckwheat, corn, linden, peanuts, and especially sesame seeds.

People with blood group AB

They have evolved into moderner civilisations as a combination of peoples with blood groups A and B. Therefore, the ideal diet combines vegetarian and carnivorous-moderate styles, they are allowed fish and dairy. Therecommended foods in case they want to lose weight are dairy, seafood, tofu cheese, vegetables, pineapple. Red meat is not recommended except with moderation.


Stress Symptoms & Causes Stress=Gaining Weight

Stress Symptoms & Causes Stress=Gaining Weight




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