What to do for Christmas and New Year?

What to do for Christmas and New Year?

I'm watching you, I see you, I hear you, I'll understand you because it's a challenge also for me, my secret? comes exactly from the shopping cart, fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, just follow the rules!

"Cristiana we are doing a holiday brake with the treatments and we start in January ..."

It's like you say, today I'm indulging myself all the food and tomorrow washing my sins. Why?

And the answer is that most people who want to lose weight suffer from Monday's syndrome.

The inner dialogue you call this way: At weekends I eat quietly, after the lust of my heart and do not make me rebuke consciousness, just because the diet begins Monday.

Or: I wait a few more days, I pamper myself a bit too, and from 1, begin the cure of slimming.

Have you lived this script? How many times? Do you still believe in him?

The holidays are the biggest Monday.

Have you noticed that after 1 January, the gyms are full, and in 2-3 weeks, there are not even half of those who started the gym?

Why do SlimLab customers succeed?

The answer is discipline and monitoring.

These soul anchors, Monday, tomorrow, the 1st of the month, are illusions that keep you in a vicious circle. You miss this Monday, it's no problem, coming soon next Monday. And so on.

The best time to start a diet, a transformation, is now. No matter , tomorrow you go to the wedding, that's someone's day or the Christmas is at the door.

A diet does not flow perfectly and unswervingly out of the way, because you are not a robot, but a man with feelings, moods, circumstances and daily challenges. And your course in any transformation is influenced by all these factors and many others.

The best time to start a diet is now before the holiday, because it is time to learn to manage the inherent deviations.

When you had dieting in the past and you let them go, why did you leave them? Because you were wrong once, twice, and then you got demoted? The question is not whether you manage to avoid your diet, because every man has the maximum chances to mistake not just once, but many times.

The question is how quickly you overcome the state of personal disappointment and the fear that your beating fails again.

The question is how prepared you are to behave as if deviation has not happened.

Because, as the lust comes by eating, so the trust in you comes by doing.

Your transformation is the same. All you have to do is not let yourself be impressed by all the obstacles you pass through and which, you can be sure you are in your way.

It's great to celebrate with the family, do not make excesses and return to positions, it was not easy to bring the silhouette to a certain point, some clients lost 5, another 17, another 28 kg!

Hop La, up front, with joy we return to our rules.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy New Year 2019!

❤️ Cristiana

Alive energy Lets DETOX

Alive energy Lets DETOX

Stress Symptoms & Causes Stress=Gaining Weight

Stress Symptoms & Causes Stress=Gaining Weight


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