"How can I not be afraid of SUGAR, when everyone knows is getting you fat?"

"How can I not be afraid of SUGAR, when everyone knows is getting you fat?"

Because fear comes from ignorance.

First, you should understand what sugar is and what is its role in the body. Why do you have this native affinity for sweetness, why any annoyance goes with chocolate and how many types of sugar exist in this world. Is it all you have to avoid?

Starting from the structure of your body frugivor.

Yes, physiologically and biochemically, you are a picker and a fruit eater. Not an omnivorous hunter. That we have chosen, as a species, to adapt to another diet as we migrate more and more to temperate and cold areas where fruits grow seasonally, that's another story.

But you have the structure, from A to Z, of a tropical fruiting species, where you had mango and bananas and hundreds of other fruits throughout the year. They were all at the bottom of the horse.

 You did not lack protein because of that. The evolution has built your physiology and internal chemical structure to be 100% compatible with the fruit. Not with cheese, not with chocolate, not with chocolate. With fruits.

But openness and discernment come from your understanding as a body first, and then from your compatibility with the rest of your diet.

When you know yourself, you automatically understand how to juggle with your diet to maximize good things and minimise the negative impact of uninspired (or unconscious) food choices I would call myself.

Your cells consume simple carbohydrates and oxygen. Simple carbohydrates (or live sugar) that you took from fruits. And oxygen, which you now take out of the air. Your cells do not burn protein or fat.

Before using protein or fatty substances (we correctly used the word 'forced'), they must first convert those proteins and fats into ... sugar, and then use it with oxygen as a combustion and energy material .

So, as all roads lead to Paris in your body, all roads lead to simple carbohydrates and oxygen.

You were designed to eat fruit that abounds in soluble fiber.

Say, soluble fiber is also called pre-biotic and is good pope for pro-biotics, that is, for healthy bacteria in your intestine.

These soluble fibers, which make many other wonders in your body, allow for a gradual release of living sugar into the blood so that the cells in your body are fed steadily and efficiently.

So the first big lesson you have to understand is that your cells are dependent on living sugar as they depend on oxygen. Just as you can not live without oxygen, so your cells can not live without the simple carbohydrate + oxygen combination.

The second important lesson is that the living primordial sugar that your cells adore is mainly found in fruits as your original food.

And the third lesson with a major effect on our discussion is that, due to your frugivore construction, the taste buds on your tongue can only sense simple carbohydrates, that is simple sugar, but can not perceive complex carbohydrates.

Because you, in Nature, would have eaten fruit, you would not have crushed grain of wheat or raw potatoes, because you would not have liked it. You are not natively designed for those foods.

Where is the sugar in your diet? Wherever you see carbohydrate! Simple or complex. That it is a fruit, that it is vegetable, it is starchy or leguminous, that it is salted sticks or biscuits with cereals, that they are chips or maize, tapioca bud or rice rolls. Carbohydrates are everywhere, and it's normal and good to be so.

The problem arises with the degree of carbohydrate processing, which destroys the fibers and massively increases the rate at which sugar comes from them in the blood.

Returning, when you process a carbohydrate, when you make a bread, a cooked potato or enjoy a chocolate, all those carbohydrate foods have no intact fiber, which allowed the sugar to gradually release into the blood so that it does not potentiate fattening .

Most of them do not have any fibers, such as white flour, white rice, biscuits, sticks, waffles, candy and all the goodies that you find at every step.

By eating a product that no longer has fiber, it no longer has enzymes, it no longer has life, your blood gets massive sugar. What if you think you ate something salty?

A slice of bread, as sweet as it is, has 2 teaspoons of sugar, just from the flour contained (+ sugar added to taste for production).

Sugar is everywhere, and how you eat sweet and what you think is just salty. You can not show me a processed and salty product, excluding animal products that do not have much sugar.

So keep the rule: where you see a salty product, excluding animal products, there's a bunch of sugar. Just do not feel it on your taste buds, because it's a complex sugar, not simply (or because it's well hidden under the amount of salt).

Do not run out of sugar, because it's like you run out of oxygen.

Instead, choose your ever more qualitative sugar, livelier, closer to Nature.

How to "melt" the fat?

How to "melt" the fat?

Alive energy Lets DETOX

Alive energy Lets DETOX


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